Book IV of The Frontmire Histories

 Thanks to Jerry Halkyard of for his donation of the flaming Phoenix, Firewing, for the cover.  His site name is Dragonfrog, and you can find him under gallery/search by artist. Jerry also did the cover to Book II and sold me the dragon for Book III's cover.


Morlah suddenly awakes from over eight hundred years of Druid Sleep to find the entire  community of the Druid Keep in Parintia gone.  The Elven capitol city of Mildra is deserted. Everyone he knows has died while he was  in his slumbers, except his chief nemesis, Daektoch the Black Mage. 

He seeks comfort among the remaining Elves before going off in search of answers. The Dwarves refuse him, Breezon is a ruined city, and the provincial capitol is not far behind.

Star, a prostitute from Breezon, flees the city to avoid hanging for killing a customer who beat her.  She makes for Heros, but trouble soon finds the one who is carrying the Elfstones that Morlah the Druid needs.

Easom, a young Druid from Breezon, seeks the Elfstone that will lead them to soiccat, the stone needed to restore the lost population of Mildra.  He travels with three Dwarves, and his trials become pivotal to the resolution of the tale.

Also, a unique and unexpected ending for our much hated villain, Daektoch.

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