Dear Reader,

   My novels are written to be read out of sequence, so you can start anywhere in the series and not be lost. These books were written for FUN - they are not great literary works. In that I am an Indie author, I did not have the $2000./book to have each professionally edited. The people who claimed to be good editors, did not live up to expectations. If sentence structure and typos are an issue for you, you should probably move on. But if you like good, fun story may continue.

My favorite is Book IV - Vanished! My wife's is Book II - Rise of the Dark Queen. Vanished take a big jump in the time line, so it may be a good place to start and then go back if you like it. Or start from the beginning.

Some have thought my work to be  "what any 10th grader" could write. Some have loved them and are devoted fans. One person thought it worth breaking into someone's home and stealing the entire series - a great compliment indeed! 

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